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Gold Onyx
Our Children's Cultural Film Club Is Back !!!

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Welcome to our Gold Onyx website where we hope you will find useful information.
In February & October England celebrates 
Black History Month’
We have a range of diverse services for you to choose from suitable for 
Children, Teenagers, Adults and Elders

Just take a few minutes to have a look at the activities and services we have for you, your family, your organisation, your community!!!!


Gold Onyx Community Engagement Projects

‘Island In The Sun Display’ 

Family Outings

1 August ~ Annual ‘EMANCIPATION DAY’ Brochure

Gold Onyx Stall 

Children’s Cultural Film Club

 Interactive Film Workshop


Children and Young People’s Programme


Gold Onyx United
{Presentations, Seminars, Services, Workshops, Group & Individual Sessions}

Feel Free To Celebrate Yourself

Business & Networking For Children

Oware Board Game

Guided Meditation For Children

Colour Me Purple Therapeutic Massage 

Zapmedia UK

Operation Sankofa ~ Storytelling & Black Dolls

 ‘Understanding Marcus Garvey’ 
Preparing Children & Young People For ‘Business’ 

 ‘Understanding Marcus Garvey’
Boot Your Business Idea

Working For The Community
Bringing Families & Communities Together 
Whilst Spreading The Gospel Of 
African Unity & Culture!!!

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