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Gold Onyx

Welcome to our Gold Onyx website where we hope you will find useful information.
Gold Onyx works with children and their families, including elders to enhance self esteem, confidence and maximize their full potential though Identity, Heritage and Knowledge of Self.

This is achieved through our various Community Engagement Projects.

Just take a few minutes to have a look at the activities and services we have for you, your family, your organisation, your community!!!!

In February & October England celebrates 
Black History Month’
We have a range of diverse services for you to choose from suitable for 
Children, Teenagers, Adults and Elders



Gold Onyx Children's Cultural Film Club
The Film Club Will be closed this Saturday 
8Th December 2018, 12Th January 2019 & 
9Th February 2019.
The Film Club will reopen on 9Th March 2019.
Thank you for your understanding. 
Gold Onyx Team
2 December 2018

 Click HERE for more information about the monthly
Children's Cultural Film Club

Gold Onyx Community Engagement Projects

‘Island In The Sun Display’ 

Family Outings

1 August ~ Annual ‘EMANCIPATION DAY’ Brochure

Gold Onyx Stall 

Children’s Cultural Film Club

 Interactive Film Workshop

Gold Onyx Kuumba & Sing~Along~Jamboree 

Children and Young People’s Programme


Other Presentations, Seminars, Services, Workshops, Group & Individual Sessions That We Organize are

Feel Free To Celebrate Yourself

Business & Networking For Children

Oware Board Game

 ‘Understanding Marcus Garvey’ 
Preparing Children & Young People For ‘Business’ 

 ‘Understanding Marcus Garvey’
Boot Your Business Idea

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