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Thursday 1st August 2019

Known as:
Africa Remembrance Day
Emancipation Day
Freedom Day

⭐️Lest We Forget⭐️

For those of you attending Commemorations, Celebrations & The Reparations March, Peace Be With You All

For those of you unable to attend any of the organised functions 'Remeber Not To Forget' that there will be a Global Three(3) Minutes Silence @ 3 PM

Why 3 Minutes?
  •  1 minute for Our African Ancestors who were murdered or lost their lives not wanting to be enslaved
  • •1 minute for Our Africans Ancestors who were left behind and brutalised 
  • 1 minute for Our African Ancestors who were displaced across the Diaspora and brutalised right up to this very moment.

If you happen to be on  'The Plantation' at you can gather with like minded colleagues or find a quiet place on your own.

⭐️Lest We Forget⭐️

Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March
6th Anniversary

Stop Terminating Our People: Redressing Youth Mentacide/Ecocide

Gather at Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF  

12.20 pm
Depart from Windrush Square to central London

3 Minute Silence at 3pm on Westminster Bridge under Big Ben.

More info:

There will be Stewards and Security Personnel at the march.  Please respect their guidance as they are there to ensure your safety. Firstaider will also be on hand.

The WORLD will be watching us as this is a growning important historical event.

Appropriate footwear and refreshments is advisable.

Please make it Your Duty to ensure the people marching next to you are safe because it is the right thing to do and We Are Our Brother's Keeper!!

Many, Many Blessings & Wishing You All A Good Day on Thursday 1st August 2019

Gold Onyx
⭐️Remember Not To Forget!!!⭐️