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1st August 
Annual ‘EMANCIPATION DAY’ Brochure  

The 1st August ~ Annual ‘EMANCIPATION DAY’ Brochure commenced in 2008 and  informs on the importance of 1st August and advertises venues of organisations that Commemorate and Celebrate the lives of our enslaved Africans and those who have paid a valuable contribution to African Liberation. 
The Brochure is emailed out annually in July of each year in time for you to make preparations of where to attend on the day.


Click here to download a copy of the GOLD ONYX Annual EMANCIPATION   DAY Brochure 
1 August 2014.

If you are putting on an event for 1st August you can contact Gold Onyx for details of getting your flyer, poster, information etc. in the 1st August ~ Annual ‘EMANCIPATION DAY’ Brochure.


Many Blessings       
Gold Onyx