Remember Not To Forget!!! - GOLD ONYX

About Us
Gold Onyx is a is a voluntary organisation’. Initially formed in October 1992 as a discussion forum within the community aimed to promote awareness amongst people of African descent and to encourage Africans to develop their self-esteem both individually and collectively.
In January 2000 Gold Onyx reshaped and became focused on promoting 1 August also known as
  • ‘Emancipation Day’
  • African Remembrance Day’
  • Freedom Day’ 
  • Thanks Giving Day’                  

We also received commendation statements from the following community celebrities:

‘Our memories are an essential part of our futures. Gold 
Onyx gives our collective memory an opportunity to work 
for a better future for Black Britain’ 
~ Joel Edwards, Church Leader, Broadcaster & Author ~


‘Gloss your memory with Gold Onyx’ 
~ Tony ‘Saga Boys’ Cumberbatch [RIP], Tan Tan Records ~


‘Well done Gold Onyx.  It’s about time that we remembered 
not to forget that we are all Brothers and Sisters of 
African Descent, therefore there but for the Creator go I’
~ Steve Henry, Yemanjá,  A Window To Afrika ~


Thanks to our ancestors, we have been great before.  In
honour of our ancestors lets be great once more’   
~ Victor Romero Evans, Singer & Actor ~ 


‘Remember the grief & punishment that our ancestors
have gone through.  We, their offsprings are doing something 
to enhance our lives and we owe it to them’   
~ Ronald McIntosh [RIP], Former Sheriff Of Nottingham, 1994/5 ~   

Gold Onyx has nine Community Engagement Projects that are undertaken in a ‘Positive Family Environment’ which promotes African History, Identity, Empowerment also family and community bonding.  

All our Community Engagement Projects were created because we could not find these services.  We hope you'll be able to attend one of them, some day.

'Who Will' ~ Black Stalin [Trinidad & Tobago]
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