Remember Not To Forget!!! - GOLD ONYX

Activities To Date
  • July 2011 Gold Onyx took part in the Caribbean Expo at the Excel Exhibition Centre, Docklands
  • August 2001 Gold Onyx held its launch and celebrated with the African Remembrance Day Committee in Manchester
  • October 2001 Gold Onyx held a Cocktail Launch Receptionat Visions Banqueting Suit
  • November 2001 we were awarded a ‘Finalist Certificate’ in the ‘Start Up's’ category by the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners stemming from the work we carried out.   Thanks to Patricia Ashley ~ Expert Technology for the nomination
  • August 2002 Gold Onyx in collaboration with the Melchesidec African Caribbean Emancipation Awareness Project put on a joint event at Waltham Forest Theatre.  The event was called Unity Emancipation Day Celebration
  • August 2003 we celebrated with the African Remembrance Day Committeeat Burgess Park, Camberwell.    The event was called Unity In Diversity
  • May 2007 Gold Onyx created its ‘Island In The Sun Display’A collection of over 400 items associated with Africa and the Caribbean in the form of written materials and artifacts.    The ‘Island In The Sun Display’ focuses on the historical social and cultural aspects of home life and items produced by the countries in the display
  • April 2008 Gold Onyx organised an outing to the London, Sugar & Slavery Exhibition at the Museum in Docklands
  • July 2008 we produced an annual brochure for 1 August advertising organisations that commemorate and celebrate the lives of our enslaved Africans and those who have paid a valuable contribution to our Liberation.   To date the following organisation have contributed to the brochure:
African Remembrance Day Committee ~ West London
Melchesidec African-Caribbean Emancipation Awareness Project ~ East London
Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation ~ South London
Ligali ~ East London
Claudia Jones Organisation ~ North London
  • October 2009 we began a poilot scheme, Children’s Cultural Film Club’A monthly forum for children to watch a culturally based film, have a discussion, develop the art of ‘Positive Debate’ ~ listening, sharing information, reasoning, negotiating etc.   Within this forum there is space for everyone to share their achievements, entertain us and inform of their social enterprise.  Our sessions are undertaken in a ‘positive family environment’.   We have a number of businesses and organisation within the community who are actively supporting our ‘Children’s Cultural Film Club’. February 2011 Gold Onyx received funding from the Big Lottery Fund for the Children's Cultural Film Club
  • October 2009 we started the Gold OnyxStall.  Selling a selection of items to raise funds to finance our current and future projects
  • April 2010 Gold Onyx organised a tour of the St. Paul’s area facilitated by ‘Black History Walks' looking at hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life and seeing secret alleyways and enormous buildings all connected to Africa and the Caribbean, in ways which the owners do not want us to know.  We learnt about black loyalists and African revolutionaries and uncovered the submerged links between racism, trade, religion, slavery and politics which are still evident in the very streets and buildings of the oldest part of London.  We discovered exactly how Africans built London and the black heroes who fought back against the Empire
  • April 2010 Gold Onyx organised a trip to the Imperial War Museum facilitated by ‘Black History Walks’.  Our lecture was titled ‘How Black People Won World War 2’.  This interactive presentation shows all the information we never got at school.  World War 2 is on the curriculum at both primary and secondary school level but there is hardly a mention of any African/Caribbean involvement.  Africa, the Caribbean and its people were crucial to winning the war.  A detailed and extensive look at African/Caribbean war effort with video clips and interviews with Trinidadian Spitfire & Barbadian bomber pilots Nigerian troops fighting in Burma Somali ships and sailors Black and Asian women secret agents German submarines in the Caribbean The importance of Africa and India’s raw materials plus resources to find out more
  • June 2010 Gold Onyx organised a tour of the Elephant & Castle area facilitated by ‘Black History Walks’.  The walk linked the Imperial War Museum with the Cumin Museum.  Both museums have excellent collections on the black presence in WW2.  The Cumin Museum also has ancient Egyptian items.  This walk links the two venues and illustrates the Black History of more than 200 years in the SE1 area
  • August 2010 Gold Onyx started our ‘Interactive Film Workshops’.  This was born Out of the ‘Children’s Cultural Film Club’.  Organisations and Event Organisers can book an Interactive Film Workshop where participants can watch a culturally based film and debate it within a safe environment.  It is available to book all year round
  • October 2010 Gold Onyx began the Sing~Along~Jamboree.  A friendly community gathering for children and their parents to sing~along and have fun expressing themselves through song, musical instruments, poetry etc. in a cultural atmosphere.  The Sing~Along~Jamboree usually take place during the school holidays.  In addition, the Sing~Along~Jamboree can be booked for events all year round
  • April 2011 Gold Onyx went on a trip to the Imperial War Museum to interview Alan Wilmot, a veteran from World War II.  This event organised by Black History Walks’.  After a brief presentation the children were able to ask Mr Wilmot several question about his time in the war
  • October 2010 the founder of Gold Onyx, Jan Edwards, took part in a photographic Exhibition ‘Black 100+which is a Photographic Exhibition Of Black Achievers In Modern Britai
  • June 2011 Jan Edwards appeared in ‘Beautiful Sisters Doing Good, Solstice Walks’ run by Black History Walks
  • October 2011 Jan Edwards appeared in ‘Black Heritage Today 2011 - 2011’ magazine.  The title of the article was ‘A Gem Working In  The Community
  • July 2012 began the Children and Young People’s Programme.  This programme takes place at events organised by other organisations aimed to have structured programme for Children and Young People whilst their Parents or Guardians attend and are fully engaged in the main event.
  • September 2012 we received an award from Film London to host GOLD ONYX Presents ‘September FilmScreen’, part of Project Tottenham.  A film initiative run by Film London and funded by Haringey Council and the Mayor of London which took place on Sunday 30 September 2012 at Edge Hall, 117 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London N17 6UR.  The two films screened on the day were:   1.     ‘Favela Rising’ Presented by Tony Warner Of Black History Walks ~ You are a young black man living in an inner city community troubled by drugs, gang warfare, crime and school exclusion. You don’t what to get out; you want to change the situation, but how.  This is the true story of what Anderson Sa did to effect realistic local, regional and eventually national change by using history, volunteering, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey.  This film has won 36 international awards and was shortlisted for an Oscar Certificate.        2.     ‘Burning An Illusion’ Directed and presented by Menelik Shabazz of BFM Media ~ Pat Williams has a job, a home and a boyfriend she hopes to one day marry. One night, Del, her boyfriend is arrested after a fight and suddenly life isn't so settled.  She is drawn into black militancy and feminism.  

  • April 2013 Gold Onyx organised a tour of the Trafalgar Square area facilitated by ‘Black History Walks’.  The walk uncovered the African Heritage hidden in &  around the Square and highlightedthe black presence and influence in the area and we learnt of African Princes, Generals, Resistance Fighters, Civil Rights Leaders, Pilots, Nurses and Sailors and saw the links between Africa, China, India and the Caribbean and explain how history was whitewashed.