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Celebrating Our Elders

'It Is Not Enough To Say We Love Our 
Elders.  We Must Show Them 
Respect And Deference Daily In 
Our Words And Actions'

 ~ The wisdom Of The Elders ~
 Robert Fleming 

Life does not just stop at 60 years, 70 years, 80 years or 90 years.   Therefore, Gold Onyx 
recognizes that services for Our Elders should not stop either.

Through our years of delivering our Community Engagement Projects we have come across a 
number of elders who have much to give and to share, being of sound mind and energetic.  With this in mind we have created a community engagement project for our elders too which we call 
'Celebrating Our Elders'

Click on link to download full information

So whatever your group or organisation i.e. Home For Elders, Day Centre, Community Group, Church Group, etc. we will be willing to come to your forum of elders.  

Just give us a call!!!

'Over The Ocean' ~ Antonio Noell
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