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October 2019 Our Children's Cultural Film Club 
Will Celebrate 10 Years


Currently We Have Had 
82 Screenings Sessions & Still Counting 

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24 July 2019


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'Thank You' 

To all who came to the Children's Cultural Film Club on 
9 December, the last for 2017.  

Whether you came to watch the film, purchase 
gifts or joined us for the buffet in the 
restaurant ~ Your attendance was greatly appreciated.



In February 2011 we were awarded an Awards For All Grant from the Big Lottery Fund to run the Children’s Cultural Film Club for one year. 


The award has undoubtedly made a vast difference to a number of children and their parents who have participated in the sessions.
During the two hour sessions we
  • Show a film
  • Have a discussion about the film
  • Read any community information
  • Share achievements
We have seen evidence of children and young people’s confidence and esteem being developed.  Some have gone from being very shy to talk and after a couple of months they have a lot to share.  Even the younger group 4-9 years are able to discuss 2 or 3 points to the film that they have enjoyed.
We have played great emphasis on the notion that we are a ‘Club’.  So everyone is encouraged to take part in our sessions.  No one is able to ‘Just be an observer’.  Parents accompanying their children, as well as children and young people have gone away, found something to achieve in, just to come back to the Children’s Cultural Film Club and share with ‘The Family’.  This, especially for the children, has been useful because they bring pieces of work from school to share and this can be anything from learning shapes, animals, ABC, school projects and one 11 year old reported that he was chosen to represent his school in the Year Six Debate Competition against another school.  This is because they have made the connection that if they don’t achieve something positive they cannot share with the group and be applauded for it.  In November 2011 one of the toddlers stated that her achievement was that she used her ‘Potty’, she had to come to the front of the audience and speak on the microphone in order to share her achievement.
The Children’s Cultural Film Club has enabled adults to feel confident in ways that after years of deliberating they have joined a training course or focused on developing a social scheme of their own.  This is partly due to watching true films where individuals or groups have overcome adversity and gone on to do great things for themselves or others.  Also not just seeing a film and going home but having the opportunity to break it down, discuss it and to reflect on their own lives.  This is a very different vibe from that of regular cinemas and picture houses.
The Awards For All Grant has been, without any doubt, very helpful in more ways than one
It has enabled us to house the Children’s Cultural Film Club at The Edge Hall, Tottenham N17 which is accessible for those with disabilities therefore it is useful for parents with pushchairs and wheelchairs.  In addition all facilities are on one level, the ground floor, and within the building there is a takeaway and restaurant service for those who may wish for something different to what we provide.  This makes it easier for children who are coming straight from Saturday School Projects.
It has helped to provide consistency, stability and professionalism. 
We have been able to offer volunteer positions to four young people to assist the Children’s Cultural Film Club.  Their views have been fundamental in terms of planning, running and delivery of the Children’s Cultural Film Club. They have received guidance and training which has enabled them to gain valuable professional experience in a voluntary capacity and at the same time have fun too.
The adult volunteer positions enabled the adults the same experiences as the children but they also gained more, such as supervising the youngsters and liaising with other community groups.  They assisted with promoting the project by word of mouth whilst leafleting, finding objects and visual materials to support the theme for the month etc.
Due to having the grant we have been able to purchase the correct equipment for the Children’s Cultural Film Club to run effectively.
We have been able to draw on the expertise of other historians and educators within the community to impart their knowledge with participants.
During March 2011 to February 2012 families have travel from the following areas to attend the Children’s Cultural Film Club
North London [10]
Bushill Park, Edmonton, Finsbury Park, Halsden, Hollway, Kensal Rise, Neasen, Oakwood, Palmers Green and Tottenham
East London [14]
Chingford, Clapton, Dalston, East Ham, Forest Gate, Hackney, Ilford, Leyton, Leytonstone, Plaistow, Stratford, Walthamstow, West Ham and Woodford
West London [1]
Ladbroke Grove
Outside London [1]
Milton Keynes
Due to the success of the Children’s Cultural Film Club we have been asked to consider replicating the Children’s Cultural Film Club in North, East and South London.  However, this is not practical for Gold Onyx at present.
In addition we have been invited to other organisations to give talks and run workshops due to the work undertaken at the Children’s Cultural Film Club.
Our sessions which are undertaken in a ‘Positive Family Environment’ enables families to work, study, learn and have fun together.  A parent with a 5 year old and a 14 Year old can all benefit from the same session. 
We acknowledged important dates in the year such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Emancipation Day, Garvey Day, Remembrance Day, Black History Month (February and October), Kwanzaa.  This is to teach and remind participants about some of the historical events that they may not learn about on the National Curriculum.  This helps with identity, self-esteem, confidence, self-love and purpose, to name a few.  
Other topical discussions were Separation, Friendships, New Beginnings/Fresh Starts, Depression, Loss, Brining Communities Together, Happiness and Parenting.
During October 2012 ~ End of February 2012 have had an untold amount of telephone calls enquiries regarding the Children’s Cultural Film Club and 278 hits to our website.
Based on the circumstances that the Children’s Cultural Film Club is an open forum (Not compulsory to attend) and families have attended multiple times during March 2011 ~ February 2012 we are confident in stating that this has been a well attended, worthwhile project to the point that the we have made a decision to seek to continue it.
We wanted to attract 30 African and Caribbean children to the project but the interest and need was so vast.  We have had children from a number of community backgrounds attend the Children’s Cultural Film Club.  The number of people who directly benefited from the grant was as follows
72 Families (76 Adults & 98 Children)
11 individual adults

On 14 January 2012 we asked participant to give a testimonial.  Below are responses of those who took part:-
‘It’s great.  It’s inspiring’ [Aged 14]
‘Very interesting & good for the development of kids.  Keep up the good work’ [Parent]
‘Very good for the kids.  Very entertaining’ [Aged 17]
‘Enjoyed movie.  Enjoyed activity.  Think more activities involving the kids may be good’ [Parent]
‘An extremely interesting afternoon.  Thoroughly enjoyable, exciting & thought provoking.  Keep up the good work’ [Parent]
‘The children’s Film Club is fun' [Aged 7]
‘Gold Onyx is making history.  This is what I feel really.  Children have been provided an extra space outside of the home with a social component necessary for character building, confidence and self-respect.  The entire setup itself speaks volumes.  What would we do without it’ [Parent]
‘I think it’s great; teaches you a lot’ [Aged 11]
‘Excellent Film Club’ [Parent]
‘Very good.  Will tell more people about it!’
‘I found today quite exciting due to the entertainment.  It was great!’ [Aged 13]
‘Good for children to be able to express amongst their peers and adults to be able to develop their understanding of what they have watched’ [Parent]
 ‘I think the Children’s Film is fantastic because it gets children together and adults’
‘I enjoyed the film, the children did too!  Bonus!  Builds their confidence and intelligence.  Will come again.  Thanks’ [Parent]
‘The Children’s Cultural Film Club is a very fun club and it’s a good place for children to go on Saturday’ [Aged 12]
‘The  Cultural Film Club is a place for children to behave as children and to be praised for expressing themselves and showing off their talents’ [Parent]
‘I found the Film Club to be very enjoyable.  The children really benefited from it and it gave them an opportunity to have a voice and builds confidence.  Also I was able to engage with members of the community who I have never met.  I will be definitely coming again’ [Parent]
‘Myself and the children always enjoy coming to the Film Club.  The Club is a friendly and educational environment for them.  The children watch positive and inspirational films.  The discussion about the film afterwards encourages self-expression.  We also enjoy the children’s impromptu performances!’ [Parent]
‘A great resource for parents, children and the wider community re people of African and West Indian people groups.  Our daughter [4 Years old] has become so confident and has more friends because of it’ [Parent]
In January 2012 we had a lovely sharing session when one of our Community members ran a talent competition titled ‘Five Minutes Of Fame’.  The winner won a trophy.  
We also asked the children if they wanted to choose their own film and present it.  It was encouraging to see the children line up to put their names down and as result, to date, from February 2012 to September 2012 the children have chosen their film and month of presenting it.  The youngest child currently on the list is four years old.
The Children’s Cultural Film Club has also been supported by many organisations within the community such as

And we want to express our ‘Thanks’ to each of them also.
Just in case you’re wondering, we have enjoyed it too.
So if you or your organisation are thinking of setting up something for the community and need funding to do so, why not give consideration to the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards For All Grant.  It could be the difference you have been looking for!!!

Jan Edwards
Founder & Projects Manager
Gold Onyx