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Gold Onyx United

Gold Onyx United commenced in September 2013 and was formerly known as ‘Gold Onyx Freelance Service’.  In January 2014 the service was renamed ‘Gold Onyx United’ due to the positive partnerships forged with individual who have a desire to deliver quality services to members of the community. 
Gold Onyx United  has a team of competent Session Leaders who deliver a range of quality Presentations, Seminars, Services & Workshops at affordable cost where you’ll receive great value for your money and each service delivered by Gold Onyx United can be tailored to suit the need for individuals, groups or organisations therefore you are advised to explore your full requirements when arranging to book with us.

Gold Onyx United currently provides the following:

Feel Free To Celebrate Yourself
Business &Networking For Children
Oware Board Game
Guided Meditation For Children 
Colour Me Purple Therapeutic Massage
Zapmedia UK
Operation Sankofa ~ Storytelling & Black Dolls
 ‘Understanding Marcus Garvey’ ~ Preparing Children & Young People For ‘Business’ 

Please click on the link where you'll get details of our Presentations, Seminars, Services & Workshops which you can easily print off.

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