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Island In The Sun Display 


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The Island In The Sun Display is available to book all year round.
£250.00 Per Booking

We also loan out sections of the display.  The cost for this depends on what sections of the  Island In The Sun Display you require.  Please have a discussion with us about this. 

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Island In The Sun Display 
Nursery & Reception Class
October 2008 saw the first ‘Island In The Sun Display’ for children aged 3 ~ 5 Years Old.
It is an interactive session, ideal for children in nursery & reception class.

With just over 50 items focusing on the five senses:
Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch. 

This usually takes place on the carpet area.  It is available to book all year round.

£120.00 Per Booking

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National Curriculum
Smaller sections of the ‘Island In the Sun Display’ can be booked to support topics across the National Curriculum, for example
  • Kemet [Egypt] ~ £65.00
  • Enslavement of Africans ~ £65.00
  • Africa ~ £90.00
  • Caribbean ~ £70.00

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History & More Information

  • A large number of the items within the Island In The Sun Display have been in our possession for decades [1970s] although we began working on the display in May 2007
  • Our first display was 12 October 2007
  • The display gives us the opportunity to attend educational settings and spread the meaning behind commemorating 1 August
  • It also helps young people to feel proud of themselves and their heritage
  • It enables viewers to reminisce and learn something
  • The Commonwealth Institute was disbanded in 2006 and the British History Museum does not continually house artefacts   associated with the Caribbean 
  • The ‘Island In The Sun Display’ goes out to people; therefore organisations do not need to concern themselves with transport, escorts, safety, cover and suchlike when planning for their members to view the display
  • All items belong to Gold Onyx
  • You can book the display for your event
  • The display is available to book throughout the year
  • The cost is very affordable
  • The booking process is easy but please adhere to the  guideline [Available when booking]
  • The sessions are interactive ~ it’s not a lecture format
  • We encourage organisations to complete a feedback sheet which helps to promote the display
  • Most of all ~ we enjoy it
  • To date our ‘Island In The Sun Display’ has been to Schools [Primary & Secondary], Nurseries, After School Clubs, Elders Projects, Churches and Cultural Events put on by London Boroughs and Community Organisations.  Our bookings have taken place in the following boroughs ~ Camden, Chelmsford, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Harlow, Harrow & Islington

Public Viewings
In October 2008 we held an Island In The Sun Display Public Viewing In the Tottenham, London.  The event was well supported and a lot of encouraging feedback was received.

In August 2009 the second Public Viewing was held in Edmonton at the Yashua Arts & Culture Gallery Fore.


Remarks From organisations Who Have Booked The
 Island In The Sun Display
Here are some of the feedback remarks form event organisers who have previously booked our ‘Island In The Sun Display’
'Bright and accessible.  Well displayed, labelled and colourful.  Thank you for an enjoyable day and all your hard work'
~ Albany Secondary School ~
'Nice to look at cultural artefact from areas of life.  Good for young people’s self-awareness and social awareness.  Very clear information.  Was interactive'
~ Hackney Free & Parochial Sec. School ~
'The explanations of the artefacts were very well told with associated stories.  Children prefer visual connections with information and this was a very clear way to explain life'
~ Rotherfield Primary School ~
'All areas were very much appreciated as it gave breath & depth to the exhibition.  It added much needed knowledge to my rather limited knowledge base.  The exhibition was a valuable and interesting addition to the event.  Both adults and children enjoyed it alike.  Many thanks for brilliant organisational skills & much welcomed humour'
~ Triangle After School Club ~
'We appreciated all.  Each area had its own purpose and all added to knowledge of our own history.  National Anthems were inspiring.  The visual information was more likely to be processed.  Excellent display.  Gave some of us food for thought'
~ Kentish Town Church Fun Week ~
'Liked all the display, it was very colourful and so much information was on offer.  Learnt things and saw items had not heard/seen before.  Really enjoyed the display and the pupils really enjoyed the exhibition and found it lots of information'
~ Turin Grove Secondary School ~ 
'Engaged the children…They really enjoyed smelling the different artefacts & playing the instruments.   Good to see objects from different parts of the world and find out what they are used for.  The children really enjoyed it…Pitched at the right level & pace.  Would love to have it again next year'
~ Rotherfield Primary School, Nursery Class ~
'Interactive, Visual, fun…It was great!   The children enjoyed touching and smelling the items, it made the presentation more hands on  The presentation covered a wide variety of black history, not just Africa.  It was particularly nice for a Jamaican child in the class to celebrate his Jamaican Heritage.  A great session.  The children and adults really enjoyed it.  The artefacts were varied and interesting'
~ Rotherfield Primary School, Reception Class ~
'The children really enjoyed the presentation and all staff found it very informative.  It was very good.  Thank you for coming'
~ Tara Kindergartens ~
'They were fascinating and educative.  I learnt a lot from the stand.  I learnt about countries that I have never been and the currency used in those countries.  I saw a lot.  Thank you for the exhibition.  It was great'
~ Efua Sey Cultural Academy Ltd ~
'Well explained.  Children understood what was going on.  Well demonstrated.  Children engaged in the event.  Well organised, really hands on for the children.  Excellent, well presented and most of all the children were engaged'
~ Triangle Nursery ~
'Good collection of varied artefacts.  There were humorous informative details about different items on display.  Thanks for putting this on display'
~ Parent, Triangle Nursery ~
'Particularly interesting because many children were from this area and were inspired by it.  Lots of artefacts! Lots to touch and feel!  Gold Onyx Member was very knowledgeable.  Children were allowed to ask lots of questions so they were engaged.  Good to allow the children to handle the artefacts'
~ Rotherfield Primary School ~
'The information was very enlightening and I discovered many facts I did not know about the slave trade.  Working with Gold Onyx has been a pleasure and the representative has been helpful and easy to work with from start to finish'
~ Continental Drifts ~

'The area appreciated the most was the artefacts, the opportunity to see, touch, ask questions and talk about traditional African objects.  There were lots of objects from various countries and we were given some background information.....The children really enjoyed seeing and touching artefacts from different countries.  It was nice for them to hear about what different objects were made of.  There was information about the origin of different objects.  We were happy with everything!  Thank you so much, it was a lovely afternoon for the children'
~ Houndsfield Primary School ~

'Island In The Sun' ~ Harry Belafonte
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  Many, Many Thanks To You All
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