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Marcus Mosiah Garvey
 17 August 1887 ~ 10 June 1940


2014 ~ Celebrationed 100 Years Of The
Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)


Marcus Garvey was a prolific African Inspirational Leader who motivated millions of African people across the Diaspora to learn about and celebrate their glorious heritage and achievements.
If you don’t know about Garvey’s life works and achievements or want to know more, a great book to read which gives an insight into what he accomplished during his short time is ‘Marcus Garvey, Hero: A First  Biography [1983] by Professor Tony Martin. 

Another good book is ‘Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey’ [1986] compiled by Amy Jacques-Garvey.  

Some have referred to this powerful book as ‘The Black Man’s Bible’ because it inspires and gives guidance to unification for people of African descent.

In the meantime you can read the following short documents which were put together after reading those books.

There are many organisations around the world who shape their works from Garvey's teachings.  Each year Marcus Garvey is celebrated by many Pan African Organisations and the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement in London, England put on a month long celebration of his life and works in August and refers to August as ‘Mosiah Month’.

'Rise you Mighty African People.  
You can accomplish what ever you will’
Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey

'Understanding Marcus Garvey'

Our first Understanding Marcus Garvey workshop took place on Wednesday 16 April 2014 and we want to thank all those who helped to make it happen. 

Preparing Children & Young People For Business

You can read the 'Evaluation & Feedback Report' by clicking on the link below.

However, if you would like to book  'Understanding Marcus Garvey' Preparing Children & Young People For ‘Business’ for your group/organisation please do not hesitate to contact Gold Onyx for further details. 

Our second workshop in the 'Understanding Marcus Garvey' series took place on 23 October 2015

Boot Your Business Idea

You can read some of the comments from previous candidates in the link below

The Next Workshop
'Understanding Marcus Garvey' 
Boot Your Business Idea

No. 6 Saturday 8 October 2016, 11 ~ 3 pm
No. 7  Saturday 12 November 2016, 11 ~ 3 pm
639 Enterprise Centre, 639 High Road, Tottenham N17 8AA

Cost: £15.00 In Advance / £18.00 On The Door
[Offer: £25.00 For Two When Paid In Advance] 

Call us or send an email requesting full details.  Do remember spaces are always limited so don't delay too long.

 07946 670 949 / 

The next
'UMG' BYBI Support Day will be in December 2016

It is ONLY open to those candidates who have attended the actual workshop.  Put the date in your diary and get your business cards/leaflets/products ready to promote your business!!!

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