Remember Not To Forget!!! - Company Message

New Year 2018

Greetings Each And Every One
As we step in 2018, I 'Give Thanks'.
'Thank You' to My Family for your continued patience and  encouragement as I carry out the works of Nation Building.
'Thank You' to the families & individuals who attended the Gold Onyx Children's Cultural Film Club. 
'Thank You' to those who purchased items from the Gold Onyx Stall.
'Thank You' to Natty for actively encouraging me to get back on the Radio and for  Empress A & Prince Eddy to take part too.
'Thank You' to those who showed your support and appreciation for Gold Onyx Kuumba, Inspiring Young Performers, at the 23 Annual Africa Remembrance Day held at the Museum of London Docklands on 1st August and at the Dominica UK Association The Great Hall Leyton on 30th of December.
'Thank You' to the families who attended the Gold Onyx Family Outing at Dark Sugars and to the manager, Fatou and your staff team at Cocoa House on 23rd October.
'Thank You' Bro Nia for the National Association of Black Supplementary Schools Community Award on 28th October.
'Thank You' Bro Douglas for your invite as Guest Speaker at Find Your Voice on 18 November 
'Thank You' Dave Jammers for your invite as Panellist at the Speakers Club on 26 November.
'Thank You' Bro Omowale for the Ukombizii Award on 30 December.
'Thank You' to all who have propped me up with words of support and encouragement, much appreciated.
'Thank You' to those who have forwarded the information and chatted about me in a means of promoting the works of Nation Building.
'Thank You' to all who I have worked with, laughed with, cried with, even got angry with.  It's all about growth.
'Thank You' as you, for just reading this.
'Thank You' to all who supported my work via Gold Onyx, Kwanzaa Network UK & Bless Radio in 2017.
'Thank You' to our CREATOR for making it all possible.
Not too sure if I am looking forward to doing it all again but I'm sure I will do though
Have a really good prosperous 2018
Stay Locked & Inspired
Nuff Love
Jan 'Lady Leo'
~Working For The Community. Promoting Progress~