Remember Not To Forget!!! - GOLD ONYX

Our Children And Our Young People
The Children and Young People cannot be filled up on what 
we did years ago 

Yes, what we did before was useful but we need to do a
whole lot more 
They need to be part of what we are doing in this moment and time 
They need to be encouraged now 
We have failed our children on a large, massive, hefty scale 
They need to see us actively making a change
They need to see us actively doing something 
to make things better for them 
They need to ’See Us’ and ‘Know Us’ on the streets 
They need to know that we have and are providing for them 
They need to know where to go to get what they want 
and where to go to get they need
They need to have faith in us and be secure in us 
Many of us go out and leave our children with 
family members or child minders
We should be taking our children and young people out 
with us to all kinds of functions and events,
just as our parents and fore parents did 
And when they arrive at these functions there should be a 
structured  programme/forum for them too 
So they can learn from young, what is going on 
and what they need to be doing
No more should we be saying ‘I don’t want to go to any 
more community meetings’ as it is the same as saying
I’m not interested in the community’.  Therefore ‘I’m not interested in our children and young people’. 
We need to care. 
More importantly, we need to show / demonstrate that we care. 
And that is the basis of what I feel we should be doing for our children and young people, now!!!   
Jan ‘Lady Leo’ Edwards
10 March 2012

Due to this Gold Onyx has devised a 
Children & Young People's Programme  

For more details about it, click on Children & Young People's Programme