Remember Not To Forget!!! - GOLD ONYX


'Congratulations To Us @ Gold Onyx’  

In September 2012 we received an award from Film London to host:

‘September FilmScreen’ 

September FilmScreen’ was part of Project Tottenham, a film initiative run by Film London and funded by Haringey Council and the Mayor of London which took place on Sunday 30 September 2012 at Edge Hall, 117 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London N17 6UR. 

Two films were screened on the day:

1.     ‘Favela Rising’ Presented by Tony Warner Of Black History Walks
You are a young black man living in an inner city community troubled by drugs, gang warfare, crime and school exclusion. You don’t what to get out; you want to change the situation, but how.  This is the true story of what Anderson Sa did to effect realistic local, regional and eventually national change by using history, volunteering, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey.  This film has won 36 international awards and was shortlisted for an Oscar Certificate.

2.     ‘Burning An Illusion’ Directed and presented by Menelik Shabazz of BFM Media  
Pat Williams has a job, a home and a boyfriend she hopes to one day marry. One night, Del, her boyfriend is arrested after a fight and suddenly life isn't so settled.  She is drawn into black militancy and feminism.

Many Thanks To 

Paul Bowman of Film London
Haringey Council
Mayor of London
Tony Warner of Black History Walks
Menelik Shabazz of BFM Media
Diana Powell of Llewellyn Powell Consultancy
Carl Kirton of Supreme Media
and all who offered support throughout the ‘September FilmScreen’ project including members of the audience, those who gave written feedback, especially those who took part in a film interview and the entire Gold Onyx Team