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Toys For African Children 

In support of the campaign of ‘Operation Sankofa’ founded  by Ama Gueye, which celebrates and promotes Black Dolls and whose slogan is ‘I Want One Just Like Me’, we at Gold Onyx aim to identify a range of toys, specifically dolls, that promotes the image and identity of children of African descent. (See website: 

Finding African Dolls in London in this day and time, May 2012, is a difficult task for those who want to purchase African Dolls for the children in their circle. We no longer want our children to cry out ‘I Want One Just Like Me’ but for them to be able to see and have an African Doll when they choose. 

African Dolls will be available to purchase at Gold Onyx events, especially at the monthly Children’s Cultural Film Club.  

Jan Edwards ~ Founder Gold Onyx